October 01, 2021

Chapter Two: Language during pregnancy

Elaine and Hector take questions from the listeners about second-language adoption and raising a child in a language that is not your mother tongue. They uncover the surprising sounds your baby can hear from their earliest da...

September 01, 2021

Chapter One: The Language Café

Meet Elaine. She was born in the Dominican Republic, speaks German, but wanted to practise Spanish. On a trip to Mexico in 2015, her brother recommended a language café where people meet to exchange languages. There she ran i...

July 07, 2021

Introducing Petit Sounds, the multilingual parenting podcast

Hallo, Hola, Hello! Welcome to Petit Sounds, a podcast about multilingual parenting, with your hosts Elaine and Héctor. We created this podcast specially for you who, like us, is in a couple with someone that speaks another l...